Tom Wemyss

AS 210285

Network diagram


AS 210285 is a personal IPv6-only network, which is present at the following locations:

  • Sandefjord, Norway
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Düsseldorf, German (being phased out)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

The network is transitioning away from IPv6 PA prefixes (2a0c:9a40:8120::/44) to an IPv6 PI prefix (2001:678:9f4::/48). In line with RFC 6177, which superseded recommendations made in RFC 3177, a /52 subnet from the /48 is used per location. These allocations are shown in the table below:

This website is used for operating a range of production traffic, including a private VPN service and several web servers. Traffic ranges between 10 and 150 Mbps.

Peering Policy

Tunnelled peering is available at all locations, using GRE, OpenVPN, or Tinc.


Prefixes smaller than a /48 will be filtered. Other prefixes will be checked against filters which are regenerated every 48 hours from IRR data.

IRR entries are present for all announced prefixes. RPKI is not yet configured for all prefixes.


Please contact for any complaints, peering requests, or general queries.

The estimated response time for abuse reports is 24 hours, and for peering requests is 72 hours.